Sunday, October 15, 2006

Put Blame Where it Belongs

While Democrats and other liberals™ and leftists™ loudly blame George Bush for the failed nuclear weapons test in North Korea (which laughably calls itself the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the DPRK), the editors of the JoongAng Daily have figured out who is really to blame.

Liberals - stand by to hear the shocking news. It's ... [drum roll] ... Kim Jong-Il!!!


At Watching America I found this outrageous headline, Don't Blame the Americans The original is here;
Former President Kim Dae-jung and the ruling party blame the United States for the North's nuclear test. This is not true, in short, and this irresponsible argument does not help resolve the current security crisis. Over the past decade, it was North Korea who broke the consensus regarding the North's nuclear development program. In 1991, North Korea adopted a joint statement on nonproliferation with South Korea while developing nuclear arms behind the scenes. North Korea admitted in 2002 that it had been developing nuclear devices even since 1994, when the United States and North Korea agreed in Geneva on freezing the North's nuclear program. Building a light-water reactor was delayed because North Korean submarines infiltrated South Korea. But those who blame Washington for the North's nuclear test are ignoring these facts.
They bring out several important points. Read it all.

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