Sunday, October 01, 2006

Purely Beautiful

I have, for some time, been considering buying another 'cello. Not that there is anything at all wrong with the 'cello that I have now, it is a very fine instrument and I am very happy with it. Still, in addition to being the tools that a musician uses to create his art, they are themselves works of art. Few things are as beautiful as a well made violin or 'cello.

I have been surfing the websites of American luthiers. Some of these are great masters. The United States now has the very finest violin and bow makers in the world. One of these is Andrew Carruthers (and no, this is not an ad - he knows nothing of me). To see some very beautiful work, visit his web site, Andrew Carruthers, Violin Maker.

Photographs of his instruments are here.

And, check out how he does some repairs in his workshop.

Click around. There is much more.

UPDATE: David T. Van Zandt has a list of makers with web sites. Many hours of pleasant surfing there.

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