Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hezbollah Prevents Evacuation

It is no secret that Hezbollah hides behind civilians, hoping that they will die when Israel attacks Hezbollah sites or responds to Hezbollah fire. They count on the world blaming Israel for those deaths. This is happening as it is driven by a liberal, anti-semitic press. The truth is, it is a (real) war crime for a nation to place its aggressive military sites in civilian areas or use civilian homes to hide military personnel or equipment. Hezbollah is not a nation, so it appears that they are off the hook. Also, the liberal press will always blame Jews over terrorists.

Here is another example of Hezbollah arranging human shields for itself.

From, IDF: Hizbullah preventing civilians from leaving villages in southern Lebanon
The IDF has found that Hizbullah is preventing civilians from leaving villages in southern Lebanon. Roadblocks have been set up outside some of the villages to prevent residents from leaving, while in other villages Hizbullah is preventing UN representatives from entering, who are trying to help residents leave. In two villages, exchanges of fire between residents and Hizbullah have broken out. (Hanan Greenberg)
The American press has not reported this yet as they cannot figure out how to blame the Jews or the Americans for it.

Of course the UN has seen this and is doing nothing, as usual.

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