Sunday, July 16, 2006

Chutzpah from North Korea

North Korea, through Senior Cabinet Counselor Kwon Ho-ung, told a South Korean delegation that the Songun (military-first) policy of the North actually protects the South as well. All of those nuclear weapons are a big benefit to South Korea as well. Now, all South Korea has to do to show proper appreciation for this blackmail protection is disarm, kick out the Americans, drop the National Security Law, and feed them. The editors at the Chosun Ilbo have a few things to say about that.

WOW! What a good deal for the South Koreans. And to think that they have been worrying about the North unnecessarily for all of these years!

Paying North Korea to Laugh at Us
North Korean Senior Cabinet Counselor Kwon Ho-ung on Wednesday told a stunned South Korean delegation at ministerial talks in Busan that his country's Songun or military-first policy "“helps the security of South Korea too, and a vast majority of South Korean citizens have benefited from it."” North Korea's missile launches and nuclear weapons program are apparently a boon to us. The least we can do in return, Kwon indicated, is let our delegations visit "“sacred places"” in the North like Kim Il-sung'’s embalmed cadaver, suspend Korea-U.S. joint military exercises, and abolish the National Security Law. Oh, and deliver the 500,000 tons of rice and light industry raw materials we promised.
Amazingly, the South Korean government actually listens to this nonsense.
But it is equally absurd that our government continues to listen to this rubbish. The foreign and defense ministers originally wanted the talks cancelled, saying it is time for a firm response, but the president backed the unification minister's call to go ahead, saying it makes no sense to demand a solution through dialogue while canceling dialogue. Didn'’t the government anticipate what the North would do at the talks? If it didn't, it is incompetent; if it did but agreed to hold the talks regardless, it has betrayed the people.
The current Liberal government in the South will be replaced soon.

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