Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hating Jews and Americans

How Hating Jews Transformed Into Hating Americans in a translation from Watching America;
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the fundamental catchword of the surviving leftist regimes has been anti-Americanism. But this is recent. Historically, Europe has been anti-Semitic; a deceptive term since in reality we are talking of a phobia against Jews [the Arabs are also Semites]. Since the days of the New Testament during Roman times, blaming the Jews has been the preferred method of explaining all of the bad things that occur on this planet: we Hebrews live among you and we are alike, but we also have differences, that's why we are ideal for being chosen as scapegoats.

After the World Wars, Europeans, Russians and American redrew the Middle East map, uniting ethnic groups, mixing sects, and anointing easily-controlled monarchies. In its beginnings, what has become Israel was colonized by people who were clear social idealists; that is why in the early years of independence, Israel was seen with affability by the entire Western world, and with deep hatred by its Muslim neighbors, who swore to never recognize the State of Israel and to eliminate the Jews from the region.

Now these theocratic dictatorships are ideal allies for all powers that want to fight the hegemony of the United States. Therefore, to be a true leftist is necessarily to hate North America and its main partner in the region, Israel. And hating Israel is the less grotesque way of being anti-Semitic and at the same time to hold a more refined opinion that is shared by Europeans.

A third of the member-states of the U.N. that are officially Muslim are not democracies and do not respect human rights; but these countries have a quarter of the world's population and territory, as well as the largest petroleum reserves. That explains why the largest number of U.N, [General Assembly] resolutions have been against Israel and not the governments that torture their opponents, maintain women in a state of slavery and mutilate their genital organs, execute homosexuals, don't allow freedom of religion or expression and harbor terrorist groups. It is illustrative that European governments and their supposed intellectuals, feminists and defenders of gay's rights, don't come out in defense of the only nation in the Middle East that agrees with the basic Western elements of coexistence.

It is important to emphasize that there are Israelis and Jews of every nationality who promote peace and the self-determination of the Palestinians, while not a single voice of protest is heard from any Islamic representative when terrorist attacks strike civilians in Israel. If there are only about 15 million Jews in the entire world, how can it be that 1.5 billion Muslims all seem to think in exactly the same way?

There is no justification for the deaths of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians, just as there is no justifying the fact that they are used as human shields and that Islamic governments harbor terrorist groups. Israel has given up territory, has exchanged prisoners and has proposed peace, but has received only bombs and death. When leftists attack Israel just to be against the United States, they justify the cruel social injustices in the Islamic world, and the anti-modernity in which they [Muslims] remain mired because of its wealthy rulers. Negotiating with kidnappers is to surrender beforehand.

Why does Russia insist on crushing the Chechen separatists? Why does China keep Tibet? Why does England maintain Ulster? Why doesn't Spain give independence to the Basques? Why doesn't India withdraw from Kashmir? And finally, how would Brazil or Venezuela act if the FARC entered their territory to claim it?
The original text in Spanish is also provided.

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