Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Silencing Political Opponents

Barack Obama and his followers, being liberal™ supporters of free speech, are trying to sue opponents into silence. they have been threatening radio and television broadcasters who broadcast criticism of Obama, donors to the GOP, and have particularly targeted Harold Simmons. Mr. Simmons has produced an ad that shows Obama's close association with terrorist Bill Ayers and Obama does not like it, so he wants the Department of Justice to file criminal charges against Mr. Simmons. That's a real commitment to free speech there.

Apparently, for liberals™, free speech refers only to pornography and political attacks against their opponents, not to free speech for conservatives or Republicans.

American liberalism™ is a move to socialism and a loss of our freedoms.

Here is the ad, entirely true, that Obama is suing to keep you from seeing.

A big "Thank You" to Michelle Malkin for her excellent work. Read her column about how the DOJ will not go after GOP donors here.

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