Sunday, September 21, 2008

NASA Hacker to be Extradited

Its about time.

Hacker Loses Extradition Fight
Gary McKinnon has lost his appeal to avoid being extradited to the US for tapping in to 97 American military and Nasa computers from his London home.

He could even be sent to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, the notorious camp where America holds its terror suspects.

McKinnon was never charged in the UK after admitting the offence but Law Lords now say the US should be granted their request to put him on trial there.
He may be locked up for a long time. Let us hope that our feckless government decides to grow a spine and really punish this criminal.
McKinnon has been warned by US authorities that he faces a life sentence rather than a couple of years in jail, if he does not plead guilty and accept extradition.

Without co-operation, say the authorities, the case could be treated as one of terrorism.

Such a charge could result in up to 60 years behind bars in a maximum-security prison, should he be found guilty.

It has previously been reported that US prosecutors wanted to "see him fry".
I hope that they (we) throw the book at this guy.

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