Sunday, February 11, 2007

Presbyterian Church to Split

Christians in the Presbyterian Church (USA) who actually believe in the teaching of the Church have long been frustrated with the refusal of the PCUSA to hold to or teach any basic Christian doctrine. You can listen to a hundred sermons and services and not once hear anything about the trinitarian nature of God or the dual nature of Christ much less the (to them politically unacceptable) teachings about faith and life in the New Testament. I know, I have done it. I used to be in the PCUSA. Paul's Letter to the Romans - Chapter 1? Forget about it.

Many lament the continuing troubles of the Anglican Church. The same is coming to the PCUSA. I do not lament them at all. Orthodox Christians, including small "o" orthodox Christians cannot be in communion with evil. We cannot be in communion with a "church" that holds that abortion, homosexuality, or any other sin is good. We all are sinners, and I have sinned badly only recently. We do not try to make ourselves feel good by denying that we have done wrong, but by confessing our sins and repenting of them. We promise to try not to commit sin again and we beg God to forgive us that we may be able to be with him in eternity.

If you to not acknowledge that you have sinned and confess it, then you cannot ask forgiveness of it. This is spiritually very dangerous.

I sensed the lack in my own experience in the PCUSA without really knowing why, and found my way to the Orthodox Church with the help of my friend "Vinnie the Catholic". Now, many others are also planning to leave.

Dissident Presbyterians Consider Way Out of PC(USA)
Dissident Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregations were invited to join a new presbytery within the conservative Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC).

At a winter convocation this week, the New Wineskins Association of Churches - a network of over 120 evangelical churches discontent with the PC(USA) but not yet separate - considered the future relationship with its parent denomination and a way out possibly through a merger with the EPC.
New Wineskins churches are considering leaving the PC(USA) because of the denomination's departure from doctrinal integrity and scriptural authority, especially around the issues of homosexuality and abortion. At the height of the controversy was the denomination's approval of an "authoritative interpretation" of the church's Constitution, which granted more leeway for the ordination of homosexuals, at the 217th General Assembly.

The PC(USA) boasts over 2.3 million members as the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States. Theological differences and debates over the last several decades, however, have brought membership down with the exodus of congregations.
PCUSA's lame response - Stated clerk, GAC chief urges churches not to defect from PC(USA) is at the PCUSA's site. It is all about social mission and not at all about right belief or right worship. They are missing the point.

The PCUSA is failing because they will not adhere to any belief, and have abandoned any sense of morality. When I was there membership was over 4 million. It is now 2.3 million. In the meanwhile, membership of the Orthodox Church has grown significantly.

The PCUSA needs to stop confusing the teaching of social policy with worship. Christians help the poor and suffering because that is who we are as a result of what we believe and live by. Helping those who suffer is not the Faith or worship, it is a result of having the Faith and worshipping.

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