Sunday, February 11, 2007

Christian Science Monitor Delegitimizes Israel

Honest Reporting has the story.

CSM: Beyond Recognition;
Questioning Israel's right to exist is one of the most abhorrent means of delegitimizing the Jewish state. Why, after all, should Palestinians and others reconcile themselves to peace with a country that is illegitimate in the first place?

Writing in the Christian Science Monitor, John Whitbeck, an international lawyer based in Saudi Arabia and a former advisor to Palestinian negotiators, advocates just that.

Twisting the terminology behind "recognizing Israel", Whitbeck employs the peverse equation of the Holocaust with Palestinian suffering:
There is an enormous difference between "recognizing Israel's existence" and "recognizing Israel's right to exist." From a Palestinian perspective, the difference is in the same league as the difference between asking a Jew to acknowledge that the Holocaust happened and asking him to concede that the Holocaust was morally justified. For Palestinians to acknowledge the occurrence of the Nakba - the expulsion of the great majority of Palestinians from their homeland between 1947 and 1949 - is one thing. For them to publicly concede that it was "right" for the Nakba to have happened would be something else entirely.
Whitbeck reveals his unwillingness to recognize Israeli and Jewish rights in any context, regardless of borders, when he refers to "the dispossession and dispersal of the Palestinian people from their homeland to make way for another people coming from abroad."

Is Whitbeck unaware of thousands of years of Jewish history in the region as well as the existing Jewish communities resident before and during the period of the British Mandate to which he refers?
Read it all, it gets worse. Mr. Whitbeck holds that the major roadblock to peace in the area is Israel's insistence on her right to exist. He completely ignores the fact that Israel alone tries to avoid harming civilians, has given up the Gaza strip, and has behaved in a generally humane way. I am waiting for the moonbats to bring up the "Jenin Massacre" and Mohammed al-Dura.

And, if that is not enough, he goes on to attempt to delegitimize the existence of the United States.

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