Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mexico Tries to Help?

Perhaps senior members of the Mexican government are getting a little sensitive about the reputation their country has for corruption, hypocrisy, and plain disregard for law and all civilizational norms. Even better, maybe they have come to the realization that we have such a poor opinion of them and a strong desire to seal our southern border. So they have, this once, decided to help.

Mexico Sends 4 Kingpins to Face Trial in the U.S.
Officials at the Drug Enforcement Agency privately voiced frustration with the Fox administration for not extraditing the drug kingpins to the United States, where they would be unable to run their networks from prison. A similar tactic proved effective in Colombia, Panama and other countries where drugs are produced and shipped.

Mr. Calderón and his attorney general, Eduardo Medina Mora, did not immediately say why they had switched course. The attorney general's office put out a statement saying simply that the people extradited had run out of appeals against extradition and that Mexico wanted them to face trial in the United States before the time limit ran out on the charges there.

But all are serving sentences or facing trials in Mexico. In the past, the Mexican authorities have said those were barriers to extradition.
Now these monsters are being brought to the U.S. to face real punishment for their crimes, something not possible in Mexico.

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