Friday, January 19, 2007

The Latest on SSGN

OK, so it is a bit old, dated Nov. 15th, but interesting none the less.

SSGN - A Transformational Force for the U.S. Navy

The newer material is simply added to an older article, but it gives an idea of where we are now with the SSGN program. There is a paragraph of news from the future at the bottom of the piece.

I have said it before and am happy to say it again. With the SSGN conversion you, the taxpayer, are getting tremendous bang for your buck and a truly beautiful weapons system.

One thing that you do not read much of in the press about SSGN is this;
Even beyond its baseline mission capabilities, SSGN offers significant opportunities to develop and test new weapon delivery systems, sensors, and operational concepts that could further transform naval warfare. Two examples already envisioned are encapsulated launch of a variety of tactical munitions and deployment of large unmanned undersea vehicles (UUVs) and off-board sensors. Encapsulated launch will send weapons to the surface for dry-launching, using a standardized buoyant capsule and a common interface for loading and communications. This modular approach to payloads will even allow use of "off-the-shelf" weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles, and decoys in support of joint forces. And, by developing large UUVs that make full use of the seven-foot tubes, they can surpass the range, endurance, and payload of small surveillance platforms and take on new missions - even offensive ones.
This has to do with SACS and was tested during Silent Hammer (an exercise that I was privileged to be a part of).

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