Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dutch Troops Kill Taliban

The Dutch have troops? I thought that this war was an American unilateralist effort to oppress the peaceful Afghanis and extend American power for the benefit of the BushChimpyMcHilterHalliburtonites. So, why would the Dutch be involved? Maybe it has something to do with these guys (yes, we really are working with our allies).

Colonel says Dutch troops have killed "dozens" of Afghan militants in recent months
THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- Dutch troops in Afghanistan's restive southern province of Uruzgan have killed "dozens" of suspected Taliban fighters in the past two months, the Dutch commander in the region said in an interview published Saturday.

Col. Henk Morsink, who is leading a task force preparing a camp for more than 1,000 troops who will travel to the region in August, told national daily the NRC Handelsblad that one of the victims of the fighting was believed to be a senior Taliban leader, but he gave no further details of the leader's identity and said that all figures for casualties were estimates that cannot be confirmed.

Morsink told the paper that Dutch patrols had been involved in six firefights with suspected Taliban insurgents, including one on May 30 when Apache helicopters were called to open fire on the attackers.

So far the Netherlands has suffered no casualties in the region.

"We've had a guardian angel watching over us a few times," Morsink said. (AP)
Good for them.

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