Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Illegals to Get In-State Tuition

In another fit of liberal™ idiocy and America-hatred the liberal™ members of Congress have decided that, if you are in the United States illegally, then you should be able to get in-state tuition at every public college and university in the country. Of course, U.S. citizens can't do that.

Immigration bill proposes in-state tuition for illegals
"This means that while American citizens from Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Massachusetts have to pay out-of-state tuition rates if they send their kids to the University of Virginia or the University of Alabama, people who have illegally immigrated into the country do not," Mr. Sessions said. "How much sense does that make, to have people here illegally and they have more benefits than those who are here legally?"
Despite the National Leadership's effort to jam this down the national throat, the people do not like it.
But voters, even in liberal states such as Massachusetts, overwhelmingly oppose providing in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens. Earlier this year, the Massachusetts legislature was poised to approve such a measure. But after a statewide groundswell of opposition from both Democrats and Republicans, the state House voted it down by a 96-57 vote.

The bill in the Senate, Mr. Session said, also would make illegals eligible for financial aid.
The financial-aid provision has been removed.

It's a good thing that this bill is failing. Bad legislation is worse than no legislation at all.

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