Monday, September 05, 2005

USS Mississippi (CGN-40) Enters History

The USS Mississippi (CGN-40) is in Dry Dock #3 at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. She was decommissioned on the 28th of July, 1997. I walk past the remains of her hull as she is being cut up for recycling. When I started working in the Shipyard most of the hull was there, although the superstructure had been removed. Now there is very little left. The Virginia class of nuclear powered cruiser (CGN) were beautiful ships that were decommissioned before their time. It is a damn shame.

USS Mississippi CGN-40 Official Crew Website

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Anonymous said...

...she was a great ship, and it is truly a damn shame she's been sold for scrap. I am honored to have served on the 4.0 and be part of the deployments long with some great men. The ship could handle 45 foot seas in the North Atlantic and was always a sight to see.