Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina Blogging

I have not blogged on Hurricane Katrina because there are others covering the disaster with resources much greater than mine. I am assuming that most of you, my dear readers, are also readers of Little Green Footballs. Charles' Hurricane Katrina Open Threads and his other posts are excellent sources of information, including safe places to which you can send money without being scammed. See also Glenn Reynolds' superb work at Instapundit.

If you can, please send whatever money you can to help. Be careful to avoid scammers and other disgusting criminals. If your company is starting a fund, that would probably be a good way to help. That is what I will do. The company that I work for (General Dynamic - which owns Electric Boat Corp.) is establishing a fund to which I will donate.

To understand how the Mississippi River Delta got into this state, read Wretchard's series at The Belmont Club;

The Imperfect Storm

The Imperfect Storm 2

The Imperfect Storm 3

And, pray for the victims of this tragedy.

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