Sunday, June 26, 2005

Liberal Judenhass Watch - Pt. 2

While doing a search that started with this post at Mere Christianity I discovered liberal judenhass at the UCC (shocka!). Not only is there a sharp debate going on as to whether or not Jesus is Lord (or even particularly important - many UCC "clergy" are atheist), they hate Israel. Of course they don't hate Jews as such (wink, wink), just Zionism. I was not surprised. Resolutions recommended to be referred to a General Synod committee

This resolution - Calling for a Study of Divestment of Church Funds from Companies that Profit from the Perpetuation of Violence and Injustice in Israel and Palestine
This resolution proposes that the United Church of Christ of the USA conduct a study of divestment of church funds invested in companies that may be profiting from the perpetuation of violence and injustice in Israel and Palestine. If such investments are found, the resolution asks for a study of the desirability and efficacy of divestment as a means of promoting peace and justice for both peoples.
While giving a single sentence to recognition of the historical suffering of the Jews it goes on several times about Jewish taking of "Palestinian" land.

This resolution calls the church and the U.S. government to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a just manner and requires the United Church of Christ’s Corporate Social Responsibility Ministry to begin the process of divestment from companies involved with Israel’s illegal (by UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338) occupations of the West Bank and Gaza, the building of the “security fence,” and the Israeli settlements within Palestinian Territory.
where they hide behind the "we cannot be anti-Semitic because both Palestinians and Jews...". And if you had any doubt as to who is responsible for Palestinian terrorists blowing up busses and pizzarias, rest assured it is the Jews.
WHEREAS, we condemn the violence on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but also believe that the roots of terrorism begin in the unjust and inequitable situation in Israel/Palestine, and...
And, Tear Down the Wall where, in addtion to the usual jabber about International Court of Justice rulings (the same Court that would try George Bush as a war criminal if given the opportunity), they throw in a completely gratuitous remark about U.S. aid to Israel (but no mention of U.S. aid to the Palestinians).
In a more broad-reaching ruling on the barrier, the International Court of Justice ruled on its legality in a July 9, 2004 verdict. In sum, the decision rendered the construction of the barrier contrary to international law, recommended that the State of Israel end its construction and dismantles existing segments and that Israel pay reparations to those who have suffered loss as a result of the construction, and instructed the United Nations to pursue necessary means to address the illegality of the barrier. Both Israel and the U.S. disregarded this ruling and thereby dismissed the relevance of international law to Israel. The U.S. continues to provide more aid to Israel than to any other country in the world. [what does that have to do with the point that they are trying to make? - ed.]
Yep, you counted right, that's three anti-Israel (but not anti-Semitic?!?!) resolutions for be voted on in the General Synod, which convenes on July 1st. Here is the list of resolutions. With the exceptions of Resolutions 11, 17, and 18 they are a list of favorite far Left™ causes. My money says that all will but those three will pass.

Anything that upholds the divinity of Jesus the Christ or the traditional idea of marriage will fail.

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