Saturday, March 16, 2013

In Maryland Free Room and Board for Life

In Maryland, Illinois, Connecticut, New York, New Mexico and others, for the commission of the most heinous crimes you are punished with free room and board for life.

Maryland Lawmakers Ban Death Penalty
Maryland lawmakers voted to repeal the death penalty following five other U.S. states that have ended capital punishment in the past six years. The House of Delegates today passed a bill that would stop prosecutors from seeking to execute those convicted of murder, the only crime for which the state allows capital punishment. The measure passed the Senate earlier this month, and Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley plans to sign it, said Takirra Winfield, a spokeswoman.
Yes, a very, very few have been wrongfully convicted. So we should risk allowing some of these real monsters to be free? (And, yes, some will be.) I think not. and after they commit more of their heinous crimes most other people will not either. The experience of the 1970's show this.

If the Left™ should succeed in abolishing capital punishment in the United States their next move will be that a sentence of Life without Parole is unconstitutional and should be abolished. We have already heard whispers of this at protests.

Lastly, a punishment is not a deterrent if it is not used.

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