Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Israeli is Worth Over a Thousand Arabs

This is a late post that has been sitting in the bin. My apologies for not posting this earlier.

I am not the one saying it, Hamas is.

Israeli Soldier Moved From Gaza To Egypt
The exchange between Israel and its bitter Hamas enemy sees Israel freeing a total of 1,027 prisoners - hundreds of them from life sentences imposed for killing Israelis.

Buses of Palestinian prisoners are now moving from Israel into Egypt en route to Gaza.
For the murderous freaks of Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, et al., this counts as a great victory. As far as I am concerned it says that the life of a single Israeli Jew is worth the lives of a thousand Palestinian Arabs. I don't believe that this is necessarily true, but then again I have no sympathy for a people that would chose the terrorism of Fatah and Hamas over peace and the opportunity to build their own State.

Here's hoping for Israel's continued success in her national defense, and damn all of those who would hold her back.

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