Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Getting Tired of the Double Standard

Greats Jonah Goldberg and Guy Benson have a few things to say with which I cannot agree more.

Mr. Goldberg writes "To Hell with You People"

But think about this for a second. The Giffords shooting sent the media elite in this country into a bout of St. Vitus’s dance that would have warranted an army of exorcists in previous ages. Sarah Palin’s Facebook map was an evil totem that forced some guy to go on a shooting spree. The New York Times, the Washington Post, all three broadcast networks — particularly NBC whose senior foreign-affairs correspondent, Andrea Mitchell, devotes, by my rough reckoning, ten times as much air time to whining about Sarah Palin as she does about anything having to do with foreign affairs — flooded the zone with “Have you no shame” finger wagging. A memo went forth demanding that everyone at MSNBC get their dresses over their heads about the evil “tone” from the right. Media Matters went into overdrive working the interns 24/7 to “prove” that Republicans deliberately foment violence with their evil targets on their evil congressional maps.

Everyone “knew” the shooter was a tea partier. Except he wasn’t. He wasn’t even a conservative. He was a sick, demented, nutball. And it still didn’t matter! More bleating and caterwauling about the “tone” followed. More chin stroking and tut-tutting from Meet the Press roundtables and “very special segments” on the Today Show. More pizzas were ordered for the Media Matters galley slaves.
Of course, read the whole thing - I didn't quote the best part. I will leave to you to go and read.

Mr. Benson writes "Endless: The Left Ratchets Up 'Tea Party Terrorists' Narrative"
You know who's growing weary of writing post after post about this appalling Left-wing narrative? Your humble correspondent, that's who. But as long as our non-terrorist friends on the Left continue to peddle these unrelenting slanders, we're going to keep writing about them. After all, it's only a matter of time before the self-appointed liberal civility police decide to persecute some hapless conservative for some trumped up "crime" against their precious, one-sided "new tone." In case you're just joining us, you may want to get up to speed by reading these pieces. Now, onward.
Yes, onward indeed. Read it all, it gets even better.

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