Sunday, March 13, 2011

Palestinian Arab Civilization

Palestinian Arabs are passing out sweets and celebrating this.

It is a tribute to the Israelis that this barbaric non-civilization hasn't been forcibly removed to Jordan and Egypt. Most other countries would have done that decades ago.


James said...

I like your blog! You;ve got some interesting things to say. You might be interested in mine as well. I talk about world events about once a week. Maybe it'll interest you.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you. I'm a white agnostic American so I have no religious ties with Occupied Palestine. Well I definitely think this is tragic, you have to remember this happened in the West Bank. The West Bank is full of fanatical Zionist Rabbis who preach the death of Arabs. These people do not have good lives at all. When you are pushed to the brink because a bunch of radicals stole your land, this happens. Bombing happens. Violence happens. Resistance happens.

As an Orthodox Christian you might truly believe Islam to be fanatical and Muslims to be monsters, but that my friend is not at all true. Fanatical Islam and Islamaphobia in general is a Zionist Israeli invention from the 1970s. These Zionists are the real fanatical, conning, barbaric murderers. I encourage you to seek the truth and not be blindsided by Israeli propaganda. Why would an Orthodox Christian want Jews in the holy land to begin with? These fanatics want the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. They tried this in the 60s and took the Sinai. They want it still, why do you think the USA went to war with Iraq? Both times even (hint, it had nothing to do with oil). Israel originally made Iran do it but Iran now hates their guts. This isn't a paranoid delusion, this is the rambling of a rational human being. I encourage you again to read more WORLD news, especially the history of Palestine, read it with an open mind.

Read some world history too, specifically the history of the Roman Empire from Antiquity, to it's fall in the West and later resurrection as the Holy Roman Empire which was defeated by France after the Jews were freed by Napoleon. This region and the Jews played a huge role in the 20th century which led to the situation in Israel today. History repeats. Read it.