Friday, June 04, 2010

Helen Thomas, Anti-Semite

Yes, I mean it. Is she unaware of the treatment that Jews received at the hands of the Germans and the Poles? How can any honest person explain this away?

It speaks for itself. Liberalism indeed.

UPDATE: The anti-semite has since apologized.
"I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians," she wrote. "They do not reflect my heartfelt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon."
A standard non-apology apology. Since her beginnings 600 60 years ago she has apologized for terrorists and against the defense of Israel. I bet that she would be outraged if someone would say that she should return to Lebanon (I wish she would).

For Jews it is 1930 again.


Anonymous said...

I am an ex presbyterian. The church from the general assembly down to the poorly educated liberal social workwe types are virulently anti Semitic. This is no longer a church. It is more like a social action committee that advances progressive agendas. Jesus is a role model, not a savior. Salvation is volunteering I the community. Gods kingdom is doing good works. There is no belief in the trinity, Jesus as personal savior, faith or salvation. The ministers are often kooky types who are not interested in congregation embers needs, but love to attend progressive meetings,. To keep whatever tradtional Christian beliefs you have left, leave the group and stay at home and read a bible, which, incidently, u often do not find I the pews anymore,

Anonymous said...

Ex Presbyterians are so beaten down and traumatized that they are leaving the church, but may never return. Some find church homes in large non denominational community churches with traditional Christian beliefs. I have several ex pres friends who became catholic due to their respect for pro life issues.
Hundreds of friends who left a large liberal pres church were so worn out and traumatized by all the a sense of spirituality in the demonization were so disillusioned they dropped out and are fearful of going to any church. Sometimes to keep your faith in god, you must walk away from churches that are battering u spiritually and psychologically. Pray about it and get the strength to walk away from an institution that is shaking your faith, remember the church is just a building. And many presbyterian churches these days are mostly empty.

Anonymous said...

this denomination advances anti Israel, anti Semitic propaganda at its general assembly, to its presbyteries, to its ministers, to its nomination committees who nominate the ministers. It is known for its ant I semitism and anti Israel virulent rhetoric. The pcusa leaders are non apologetically anti Israel. The ministers never preach about the holocaust. The youngest poorly trained ministers are ill informed, liberal think tank types. Often in their contract they refuse to visit the sick.nthey love to hear themselves talk and berate traditional Christians theology. Their mission is to transform the church(their words, visit any website) into a new type of body tending to social needs but ignoring spiritual belief. The churches are becoming more bizarre by the moment, almost a laughing stock among traditional Christians. The membership is declining tremendously.