Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My New Blog

Both of my faithful readers know, after long experience with me, that I travel a great deal. While I no longer live in a steel pipe under 800 feet of water, it is still hard to keep up on events in America. I know that there is no excuse as the Internet is universal, but my time became ever more limited. While in Japan I tried to immerse myself in Japanese life. In this I had some success. I read the issues, but being concerned with living in Japan, I did not post.

In fact, I started another (non-issued oriented) blog called "A Wandering Gaijin". In this blog I describe some of my travels in Japan. All photos on this blog are taken by yours truly, or a member of my staff (wife or nearby friend actually).

I will post the occasional post here still, but will be spreading my time between the two blogs.

Thank you for your continued patience.

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