Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Travels

As both of you, my faithful and patient readers, know, I travel a lot. This last one is especially chaotic and is offered as the explanation for my absence. I am in Yokosuka, Japan.


I am once again working on the USS George Washington and am living at the Hotel New Yokosuka. After arriving home from San Diego I had only a few days to get ready to go, and that was complicated by a major snowstorm that prevented me from getting everything done. That included the necessary preparations for travel abroad and work on my new house. So, no time to post.

I am sorry for that and plan to start again as I always do in these situations.

Those of you who know me know that I have a few things to say about events of the past few months. I will get to them.

More importantly, although I did not post about it, my wife and I did not forget the anniversary of the passing of my little girl. The memory still brings tears to my eyes (even now). Now Niko is old and sick and I fear that I will not get home in time to see him again.

I have also not forgotten about either of my faithful readers. I shall resume blogging as time permits.

Thank you for your kind patience.

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