Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Disappearing Presbyterian Church

Some refuse to learn, and place themselves and their ambitions and desires over God. After seeing that a church that abandons any semblance of orthodoxy or understanding of sin is torn apart (see here and here), many wish to continue down that same path.

While many, perhaps even most within the Presbyterian Church sense that something is wrong, many others would rather execise liberal "progressive" politics.

Lesbian Moves Forward in Ordination Amid Debate
An openly lesbian minister's bid to join the clergy may be the first national test of a controversial policy adopted by the Presbyterian Church (USA).

After being denied ordination twice over the past couple of decades because of a ban on ordaining openly gay persons, Lisa Larges made some headway this past week when she gained support from a regional body of the PC(USA).

The San Francisco Presbytery voted Tuesday 167-151 to support Larges' application for ministry. The vote came after a long debate and despite warnings that the action violated the church's constitution and would be appealed.

According to its constitution, the PC(USA) requires "fidelity in marriage between a man and a woman" or "chastity in singleness" for its clergy.
And as they become more "liberal" they begin openly to abandon the Christian faith.
Following the 2006 General Assembly decision, several Presbyterian churches have taken steps to withdraw from the national church. The churches have opposed the liberal direction the denomination is going on homosexuality as well as other issues, including the singular lordship of Jesus Christ.
They are moving towards becoming just another liberal-progressive political organization.

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