Sunday, December 24, 2006

10 Things You Need to Know about Islam

Emir Caner, who is now dean of The College at Southwestern in Fort Worth, Texas, is also a former Muslim who converted to Christianity.

Quiz question - What is the penalty in Islam for being a Muslim who converts to Christianity? (Hint: It involves not breathing any more.)

Christian Convert: 10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Islam
The former Muslim, who was disowned by his father when he converted, pointed out that Islam is the most work-based religion in the world. He explains that even if a Muslim worked hard to do good deeds, he can only "hope" that Allah will like him and allow him to go to paradise when he dies - but there are no guarantees.

"If you are good enough and Allah wants you then you go to paradise," said Caner. "Here is the question - what about all the bad things that happened in your life? You see the Muslims believe that you and I have cheap faith, that somehow we just say 'Jesus is savior' and we go about it in our lives like nothing happened."

"[However], it is only Christianity that understands that every sin must be atoned for...either by the person himself or by Jesus Christ on the cross."

The last point Caner made was many Muslims are coming to Christ and the number one reason why is because of eternal security. He explained that in Islam, even though a person strives to do good and please Allah, there is no guarantee. Also Muslims are attracted by the unconditional love and intimacy with God offered in Christianity.

"Hear me very carefully - the more you have to work for your salvation, the more hopeless you are," said the former Muslim.

Summary of the "10 Things Everyone Needs to Know about Islam":

1. Allah and Jehovah are NOT the same God
2. Jihad, or holy war, is prescribed in the Koran and Hadith
3. There are specific protocols in Islam (e.g. women are not to go to Jihad)
4. Islam does not believe in religious freedom
5. Islam has a lower view of woman than Christianity
6. Islam has a low view of Jesus
7. Islam has a low view of the Bible
8. Islam is the most work-based religion in the world
9. Islam is divided among denominations
10. Many Muslims are coming to faith in Christ


Mohamad Gomaa Abdelaal said...

Did you not think that you need to know more about Islam but just from authntic sources? It needs courage, and if you are couragous enough, I invite you to search for the truth with sincerity and without preconcieved concepts. I challenge you, you will one day find it.
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Anonymous said...

Professor Caner is a solid scholar. His facts and conclusions are well-founded and not subjective. Islam, on the other hand, has no historic or scriptural basis except for the say-so of its self-declared prophet.

Mohammed created a racist imperial movement and used a trumped-up religion as justification for depriving others of their human rights, lives and property. An Orthodox Christian will find it interesting that Mohammed's first act upon capturing Mecca was to throw a carving of a dove out of the Kabba. In so doing, he blasphemed the Holy Spirit of God and made himself God's partner, something he himself said was wrong in the Koran. Mohammed was a psycopath devoid of empathy for the suffering of others.

This pirate, pedophile and charlatan has caused 1400 years of suffering, especially to Orthodox Christians in Egypt and the East.

Anonymous said...

#4 and 6 are so wrong i cant even begin to talk

Anonymous said...

Salam, my friend..You have been led astray by Shaitan. None can help you but Allah, The Merciful.. Stop this foolishness and convert back. We were created as Allah's slaves. I understand it may become hard work, but you mustn't give up. Allah has promised IN THE QURAN that whoever follows the five pillars will be welcomed into paradise. I have one question to ask you. HAVE YOU EVEN TRIED READING THE QURAN?

- Fellow Muslim WOMAN.

Anonymous said...


Wow... I am truly speechless. There is only one God and thats Allah. Research Islam thoroughly and you'll discover the truth and true beauty of it. Everyone goes to paradise in the end.. Some go straight to paradise. Others are first punished in hell for their sins. Ask Allah for forgiveness and convert back. You may not see the blessings or rewards of all the good you do in this world, but you will see it in the world hereafter.

Wallaikum salaam

Fozia - 20yrs

Anonymous said...

I cant believe that you followed Islam to begin with, if you did you would know that Islam is not hard work but a way of life, and for you to say so many muslims change to believe in Jesus? How many christians changed their religion to Islam? Your close mindedness is amazing, I believe you chose the easy way out, your imaan is weak, dont make the mistake of saying you were a muslim because clearly from the things you are saying you understand very little about Islam, did it make you feel good to type up this nonsense? You need help seriously, make duah and tohba for the things you have said and done, if you even know what that means...