Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

It has been a long time since my last post. I have regained my health. Since then I have been extremely busy, but the load on my time has eased, so now I can write again.

I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Everyone (yes, really everyone) should stop and reflect, even in difficult times, and see what is good and thank God for it. One of those things is the God given-gift of living in a free Republic such as we have here in the United States. There are many who do not think this way, and that is too bad. As my grandparents emigrated from Greece and Norway, and as my wife emigrated from Japan, these people should find a place where they can be happy and emigrate. I don't write this in a mean-spirited way. Emigration is normal, people have been doing it for thousands of years just as my family has done. People who live in and hate the United States should find a place where they can be happy and prosperous and go prosper.

The great Michelle Malkin points out that American journalists should be thankful for a few things (although I'm sure that they are not).

So make the decision. Be happy and thankful for all that you have.

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