Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tax Dollars Well Spent - New WoT Weapon

Four TRIDENT Submarines are being converted from their roles as nuclear ballistic missile platforms (SSBNs) to guided missile platforms (SSGNs). The big C-4 TRIDENT I missiles and associated equipment is being removed and 20 of 24 missile tubes are being converted to carry multiple Tomahawk (or other cruise) missiles. The really cool part involves these other 4 missile tubes.

One of my last missions in the U.S. Navy was to participate in the Silent Hammer exercise conducted in October of 2004 onboard USS Georgia (SSGN 729). During this exercise we tested war fighting concepts that will use SSGNs in littoral waters employing asymmetric combat techniques.

We will be able to launch weapons and vehicles from Stealthy Affordable Capsule System (SACS) modules. These will be vehicles that are not necessarily designed to be used undersea, saving a lot of money.

This SACS technology will be key to intelligence gathering and will provide data for use by special forces who can be put to shore from other of those four missile tubes that will be configured to support swimmers (read SEALS). I cannot write much about that as a lot of it is classified, but from Aviation Week & Space Technology;
Additionally, Clark wants the service and special operations forces to standardize their tactical UAV candidates, rather than pursue dissimilar systems. Another area of UAV collaboration between the two parties would occur in the Silent Hammer exercise series involving submarines aiding special forces ashore. The first Silent Hammer drill took place last year, with submarine control of a long-endurance UAV providing special forces on land with overhead imagery. Clark wants a repeat of that drill to refine operational concepts between the sub and elite troops.

For more reader friendly details, see these pieces from SUBLANT that come from the Navy Times and the San Diego Union Tribune. (Requires Adobe Reader)

PERSONAL NOTE: The USS Georgia Chief of the Boat (COB) named in the Navy Times article as the Command Master Chief (this is what the non-submarine Navy calls the senior enlisted person at a command), Bob Krzywdzinski, is one of the great ones. It was a real privilege to serve with him.

For more on the Silent Hammer exercise see;
Joint Warfare Successfully demonstrated On Board USS Georgia from the Naval Submarine League.


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Excellent! Wondered if per chance you were aboard then. Enjoy your retirement, Chief!

I have the antenna first used to control a UAV from a sub (during a SPECWAR exercise) sitting on my desk. A picture of the bird is here: http://www.photos.ingram.bz/predator/predator.jpg



chaoticsynapticactivity said...

I just found your blog a few minutes ago. Looks like a good start.

I read two other sub related blog daily, both of which are really great. This one is an active duty O-6. He's been kind of sporadic lately, but details are up there...some nonsense about being "gone" and OPSEC....This one is a recently retired offier who was on pre-comm CARTER. Both of them have some great posts.

I also found a FA-18 pilot with some wonderful material as well.

There may be some other "shoes" out there blogging, but that's all I can bring to the party as a retired skimmer. Here's my effort at communications.

I have a few other blogs listed there that have been invaluable in seeing the real news, Black Five being one of my favorites, even if he is a retired Army guy.

Welcome aboard!



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